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Self- Review #1
(May 2017)

  • What is the project dance meetings (piraeus version) for you?
    At first, I saw the opportunity to share with the city I've been living in for the last ten years or so, a big part of my practice and artistic interest. I felt quite strange that for so many years I had no artistic presence in my city (all my projects were presented in Athens). The dance meetings came to complete an unexplored part of my relationship with the city where I sleep and dream.

  • Why did you choose that specific form of dance performance? If I'm not mistaken, we'll see you dancing in public space.
    What is important for me right now is to find ways to adapt my research process to present social circumstances, desires and needs. I am interested in dance mainly through its ability to unite people and create "communities" (which was partly the intention of the previous project "162 dance meetings"). I felt that I wanted to explore the dynamic of dance meetings in the public space, observe the bodies of the passers-by and see if there is a room for a dialogue based on body and dance.

  • Aren't you interested in making stage works? There are many who argue that a young creator must first move on safe paths, create his audience and then experiment on different forms.
    That's nice too. I have done it and I enjoy it more and more every time. However, I prefer to propose and create shared workspaces that invite artists, but also people who have nothing to do with art, to participate in a common experience of collective and personal change. And I confess that I find this much more charming, challenging and fruitful than constantly presenting stage works and specifically in a city as artistically active as Athens!

  • What else would you like to share with the world?
    Hmmm ... the phrase of Eva Meyer-Keller, who says: “... actually it is the tenderness that is the revolution for me. ”! So let tenderness be the revolution ...