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Axis Mundi
/ performance

23 September 2019, 19.00
Rooftop – Ιnstitut Français – Athens

At dusk, a group of four dancers (one for each cardinal point) executes a series of spiral gestures related to swimming, diving, and constellations pointing to the visible flying objects in the sky.

The performance ends with the arrival of the night. Inspired by a trip to Delphi and the famous “Navel of the World”, hd.kepler. intends to explore at human scale eternal notions through simple and repetitive gestures. By examining the actions that humans implement to control nature, we try to remediate our relationship with the cosmos.

Conception & art direction



Aria Boumpaki


Marieta Vetta, Constantin Papanikolaou, Christina Reinhardt, Aria Boumpaki