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Self-Interview #4
(Μarch 2019)

Sunday 24/3/19
__Piraeus / balcony
the sky is clear and blue, 17 ° C, 60% humidity, Beaufort force 3

  • Good evening Aria. Are you fine?
    Good Evening. I'm fine! Thanks!

  • You have under-eyes dark circles.
    I have restless sleep.

  • Could you tell me why?
    During the last months of intense rehearsals and creative process, my activity is in constant motion, without interruptions. I would liken it to my laptop which is almost never turned off, but is in continuous fragile sleeping mode.

  • Is that effective?
    It is not. It is exhausting and constantly confronts me physically, mentally and spiritually. It also makes me lose touch with real life, I mean outside the studio, which is valuable for a project. This is a habit I try to get rid of. I have made progress, but I still have a long way to go.

  • What creative process is keeping you awake at this time?

  • What does Compost mean?
    Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed of organic materials such as leaves, fruits, vegetables, etc. and produces a soil conditioner (the compost).
    In our own creative process, we seek to find out what human Compost consists of: the books we read, the food we eat, the man we fell in love with, the child we gave birth to, the muscle pain, the sweat, an accident, a memory, an emotion, an image ... what?

  • Have you ended up somewhere?
    I don't think my goal is to come to a conclusion and offer it to the community as something specific or restricted. After all, Compost has a very personal character and form that cannot be trapped in a definition. What we will share with the public are our personal collections of Compost materials.

  • Will it take the form of solo-performance, as you usually do?
    No! For the first time I am out of ‘scene’ and I confess that it is very strange, difficult and new as a feeling during the process! I invited 6 people (two dancers, a sound artist, a musician, a cook and a gardener!). It is the largest group of bodies I have ever worked with in a project of mine!

  • Very interesting group, but tell me specifically what you are looking for in these different identities and professions. Why didn't you choose 6 dancers or performers?
    Compost is a dance project that defends creation. Appreciating it in all aspects of life and not just in art, I called creators whose processes, in my opinion, have an important place in life. Food, cultivation, music, dance and sculpture have a special place in my view of the world.

  • Is it easy for all these different people and professionals to work together?
    Not easy at all. The first month tortured us. There was no common language, no common code, no common experiences ... I remember discussions that lasted up to three hours. Nevertheless, I could discern the significance of the over-analysis, the questions, the disagreements, the conflicts, the sharing of sources, excerpts from books, the space of personal testimonies...Compost is an extremely personal and sensitive creation process that needs time and care to deliver its fruits and now that it is slowly settling down, I enjoy seeing the coexistence of these people and different practices.