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Self-interview # 5
(I found Aria under the door frame of her bedroom. I didn't expect our interview to start here, but it's fun!)

  • Hello Aria. Are you ok;
    Good Evening. Fine. You;

  • I'm fine. What are you doing under the frame?
    I thought there was an earthquake, but in the end it was the wind that shook the lights.

  • Are you afraid of earthquakes?
    Yes and no. But when they do happen, I always look for door frames. And I always wonder if it can really save me while I am wider than the frame. Is it safe?!

  • Do you want to stay here for the interview or do you suggest another place?
    (laughs) Let's go somewhere else !! There it is! The most bushy tree in the neighborhood. You know, the one you are unbearably jealous of and always wanted to be in front of your own window! If I were a cat, or a bird, I would sleep somewhere perched on its branches. Let's see if we can climb and if so, we have our talk there!! If not, we can sit on the rooftop! We can stare at all the antennas of the city. You have to lie on your back and at the centre of the rooftop in order to see just the sky.

  • (47 minutes later and without any keys to the roof.)
    We probably forgot to climb, eh?

  • It seems. Shall we go for a walk?

  • What did you do today? Before the "earthquake"?
    I gave a ballet and then a contemporary dance class to the first and second year of high school, at the Keratsini Art School.

  • February is over. Can children handle the arrival of spring?
    Hahahaha !! It’s getting harder and harder. Today a girl asked to not participate in the class because she felt existential anxiety! One of the most beautiful moments of acceptance of feelings that I have experienced at school and also a strong courage to defend that feeling and claim for a pause due to weakness of soul. She was telling the truth. I could feel it. I was watching her. It was difficult for her to participate and I trusted her. And I admired her.

  • So, you didn’t push her to take the class?

  • Any regrets?
    I haven't wondered yet. Sometimes it feels nice to give room to impulses without remorse.

  • Did you let spring affect you already?
    No. I refuse. I like winter. It calms me down and allows me to read books. During springtime, I start reading landscapes. And then I miss books and then summer comes and all I can hear is waves.

  • (Her cell phone rings. I can't tell the song, so I ask.)
    What is your ringtone?
    ‘Getting Some Fun Out Of Life’ by Billie Holiday!

  • Why did you choose it?
    Dear, it’s amazing!
    Listen to the lyrics: (singing and clapping her hands together on the beat.)
    When we want to love, we love / When we want to kiss, we kiss / With a little petting, we're getting / Some fun out of life / When we want to work, we work / When we want to play, we play / In a happy setting, we're getting / Some fun out of life / Maybe we do the right things / Maybe we do the wrong / Spending each day / Just wending our way along

  • Do you work when you want to, or when you don't want to?
    hahaha, I think I'm one of the lucky ones that love their painful profession. Besides, I've already told you about the difficulties of artistic life. If I talk about them again, you will lose your readers.

  • You're right! I give you the freedom to talk about it only if you have something to say that you have not developed yet!
    Hmmm! ......... Look. I can share some problems we (art teachers) face at Art Schools. The Artistic High Schools of our country are not many. Maybe six or seven. These schools have three departments (dance, theater, visual arts) and EVERY YEAR the artists/ professors must fulfill applications and be under evaluation according to academic and artistic criteria. This happens every year and professors start going to schools super late. This year we began lessons the last week of November.

  • Do you get paid every month?
    No. We gain 7 euros / hour, and we wait for more than 3 months to get paid. It may be too much information, but it is good to communicate professional and educational problems in public sector. It seems unacceptable that millions are given to private tv channels for series productions and not to schools that need infrastructure, teachers, vision and love. Yes. That's what I miss in education. Love, caring and vision.

  • Are children happy in this environment that seems better than other public schools?
    Do you remember yourself happy in adolescence? I remember being under pressure and in a school environment with pathogenesis. However, joy comes and goes in school as well as in life and our students share some beautiful, happy moments.

  • What book do you read before going to bed?
    Till tonight, Brecht's 'Life of Galileo'. Tomorrow I grab the " Stations on an Odyssey" with texts and interviews by Giannis Kounellis.

  • Thanks Aria.
    See you soon!