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162 dance meetings
9 & 10 June 2018
Dasos Festival
National Theatre of Northern Greece

The research process of the project "162 dance meetings" was completed with the creation of a site-specific performance that this time changes form and is transferred to the theatre stage.

The challenge of creating the solo performance that was my personal, physical narration of dance meetings was unexpected. The space (garage) was emotionally charged by all the people who participated in the project. So did I. At times I found it impossible to be there without someone dancing with me, as if the body alone could not find its way to dance. My state of being as an independent dance body seemed to vanish.

After a while, the performance was done.
My personal narrative was based on the echo of actions in space, the feeling of pleasure while moving with others, the daring of bodies in a protected environment, the denial to go back to everyday life, the moments of timidity and embarrassment in front of the unknown and the sense of loss and absence that followed the end of the meetings.
A year after the site-specific performance, I decided to return, explore the memories of physical and emotional states I experienced during dance meetings and see how they continue to activate my dance and body.
This time, away from the garage, I tried to create a stage piece. Kinetic, sound and scenographic materials had changed and adapted to the new needs of a body that experiences time passing.

Concept, Choreography, Performance

Aria Boumpaki

Visual Environment, Special Constructions, Costume

Ioanna Plessa

Choreography Consultant

Marieta Vetta

Dramatourgy Consultant

Giannis Pediaditakis

Sound Design

Nikolas Kazazis

Light Design

Miltos Athanasiou

Production Assistant

Vasilis Skandalis


Onassis Cultural Centre

Withthe support of

The Art on Dance, Kinitiras Research Studio, French Institute of Greece