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3 -4 -5 May 2019, 21.00
Bluebox (address: Efpatridon 1, 11854, Athens)

What are the ingredients of a human Compost?
Of what organic materials is it made and how does it turn into a fertilizer of a creative process?

During the project COMPOST I invited two dancers, a gardener, a cook, a sculptor and a sound artist to share the same space and time for three months. Six people dug into their personal practice, searched for consciousness in body and movement, questioned their motivations for action and creation, coexisted and shared practices, moves, plants, sounds, questions, references, food, despair, colours …

By blending individual practices, we tried to make sense of how daily, art-based, time and space sharing can offer a new way to reimagine a natural and collective reciprocity with the world around us. The lives of other beings are deeply implicated in our own and the importance of understanding our bodies within non-human species and systems is vital. I aspire to rethink what is ethically important in an ecologically connected world and how to act in solidarity with a more than human struggle.

The embodied practices shared increased our capacity to imagine the relationships and events that could occur during and after the project. This coexistence created a new space-time that led us to a new understanding of what counts as an “environment” through which we felt that building other kinds of futures, more optimistic ones, could be possible. John Cage said that when we compose a score we must always see it “as a way of representing an ideal society in which we would like to live.” His argument was floating upon our Compost world, as well as the ethical and political engagement this argument also implies.

Another thought behind Compost is to share new perspectives on how we perceive dance bodies and their stage reality in contemporary performance. That is why the engagement of non-dancers and non-artists is of paramount importance. They bring new elements and create an intriguing dialogue between heterogeneous materials. We discover new states of being and practice kinetic consciousness in a co-created environment.

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With the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport (2019)

Idea, artistic direction

Aria Boumpaki


Aria Boumpaki (with the contribution of performers)


Christina Reinhardt (dancer), Konstantinos Papanikolaou (dancer), Ioanna Plessa (sculptor), Anouk Arra (music and visual artist), Athena Geraniou (gardener), Manolis Pipinis (cook)


Serendipity Amke

Production manager

Katerina Kotsou


Maria Konstantopoulou


Nefeli Sarri


Alfonso Gallardo

With the financial support

Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport (2019)

With the support of

Institut Français de Grèce, Cité Internationale des Arts, Municipality of Athens, Agricultural University of Athens, Koutsouveris Giorgos - Attica Inox, P. Sarri