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dance meetings (piraeus version)
12-16 June 2017
Athens and Epidaurus Festival
‘Bridging diversities‘ / Piraeus Municipal Theatre

wide sidewalk on Heroes Avenue
around 7.30pm
in front of the closed security grilles of a shop
it faltered, I suppose

a female body
on a theatrical, velvet, but rebellious chair
is waiting for the ice to melt

passers-by are counting up to 16
or up to 78, and then
back to their unsteady walking

No, they are not drunk
nor injured
It’s because they stopped walking barefoot at home.

She is still there.
her smile is hidden
I cannot see her lips
Her hair and eyes are wet
her nose is wet
her cheeks
she is still there
cooking soap bubbles in chinese traffic cones

Mum, walk by my side.
Don’t dance with the weird lady.
Your face is getting wet and I am cold.

still at the same place
the ice is melting
on the street of heroes ^^

Dance meetings are moving to public space.
The performer meets the passers-by, activates their bodies and invites them to a dance dialogue that changes the pace of the city.

  • At the same time * in another spot of the city, different every day, a chair and a pair of headphones welcome all those who wish to “watch” the main action, no longer through sight, but through another sense, the sense of hearing.
    Passers-by can participate in the dance meeting and also describe the action, talk about it, and share their thoughts with the person that is sitting on the chair somewhere in the city.
    Free from the restraints of a ready-made image, visitors can create their personal, imaginary, kinetic landscape, gaining a different experience of "viewing" the work.

Concept, performance

Aria Boumpaki

Special Constructions, Costume

Ioanna Plessa

Special Constructions Assistant

Konstantinos Chaldaios

Choreography Assistant

Marieta Vetta


Nefeli Sarri

With the support of

French Institute of Greece, Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris)