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/ dance performance
3 -4 -5 May 2019, 21.00
Bluebox (address: Efpatridon 1, 11854, Athens)

What are the ingredients of a human Compost?
Of what organic materials is it made and how does it turn into a fertilizer of a creative process?

The dance artist Aria Boumpaki during her new kinetic research COMPOST invites two dancers, a gardener, a cook, a sculptor and a music performer to share the same space and time for three months, having the body as the common and central axis of all actions/ moves/ decisions.

Six dance/ stage bodies dig into their personal artistic process, search for consciousness in body and movement, question their motivations for action and creation, coexist and share dances, questions, worries, conclusions, thoughts, references, food, plants, colours, silence…
What new can these specific dance bodies offer to the way we recognize dance and body so far?
The question of community in artistic procedure is here, revealing a dance performance that defends creation through heterogeneous, polymorphic, unique and alive human and non-human material.

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With the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport (2019)

Idea, artistic direction

Aria Boumpaki


Aria Boumpaki (with the contribution of performers)


Christina Reinhardt (dancer), Konstantinos Papanikolaou (dancer), Ioanna Plessa (sculptor), Anouk Arra (music and visual artist), Athena Geraniou (gardener), Manolis Pipinis (cook)


Serendipity Amke

Production manager

Katerina Kotsou


Maria Konstantopoulou


Nefeli Sarri


Alfonso Gallardo

With the financial support

Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport (2019)

With the support of

Institut Français de Grèce, Cité Internationale des Arts, Municipality of Athens, Agricultural University of Athens, Koutsouveris Giorgos - Attica Inox, P. Sarri